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Players Play
Coaches Coach
Umpires Officiate
Parents Support

Jr. Umpires should be treated with the same respect as Certified Umpires

These are “kids” volunteering their time for the league. Yes, they do get paid, but…

Coaches need to have the umpires back. They will make mistakes! If they make an incorrect call on a rule (not a judgement call, such as balls/strikes and out or safe calls), the Head Coach should ask for time out and discuss it calmly. Include the opposing Head Coach in the discussion.

Parents and Coaches are not allowed to harass the umpire. The League has a Zero Tolerance Policy. If one of your parents is “barking” at the umpire, you need to pull them aside and tell them they need to stop. If an opposing team’s parent is doing it, ask their coach to do the same.


Please Remember:
There are NO DOGS ALLOWED at the Riverton Fields, on or off the playing fields!
There is NO SMOKING ALLOWED anywhere on the grounds.
The is NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED anywhere on the grounds.