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Farm Division Baseball Rules Rev. 4/2/22

The purpose of the Farm League is to teach the players the rules of the game, the fundamentals, sportsmanship and to prepare them for Minor League.

Good sportsmanship is a MUST at all times on the playing field.

1.0 Game time

1.1 Game time is as indicated on the schedule.

2.0 Length of game

2.1 Games will be 6 innings or 2 hours whichever comes first.

3.0 Playing time

3.1 Each player must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field. Those need not to be consecutive innings.

4.0 Defense

4.1 Teams will use ten (10) players maximum on defense, of which four (4) must be outfielders.

4.2 No infield fly rule

4.3 Two coaches are allowed on the field (defense) during the game to lend coaching assistance to the players.

5.0 Pitching

5.1 Batting teams coach will pitch.

5.2 Coach-Pitcher should stand on rubber but will be allowed to move closer to assist some batters.

6.0 Offense

6.1 No scores are kept for winning or losing purposes.

6.2 A continuous batting order will be used.

6.3 The batting order must include all those players who are present at the game.

6.4 A team will remain at bat until three (3) outs or 5 runs have been scored.

6.5 Only the batter and on deck batter are allowed off the bench.

6.6 Batters will get 10 pitches and with no contact on the last pitch the batter will be out.

However if there is a foul ball on the last pitch the batter shall continue. The use of a tee is prohibited.

6.7 There are no walks

6.8 Bunting is not allowed

6.9 Four (4) Coaches are allowed on the field when their team is at bat. One to pitch and one to back up the catcher to retrieve errant or missed pitches and two other to coach 1st and 3rd base.

7.0 Base running

7.1 Stealing is not allowed

7.2 No sliding into first base

7.3 Runners can advance only 1 base on an error made while making a play at a base.

(Errors made while fielding a hit ball does not stop play)

8.0 Equipment

8.1 Players must wear the shirt and hats (bill forward) provided for their team. Only

League issued hats will be allowed. No exceptions will be allowed - they are part of the uniform.

8.2 Game Ball: A Rawlings ROTB5 - Level 5 ball will be used.

8.2.a New for 2022 - USA Baseball approved bats are Required

8.3 All base runners and batters must wear a masked helmet. No C-Flaps Allowed

8.4 All catchers’ equipment must be worn by the catcher while behind the plate.

8.5 All players are to be informed that bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, and/or earrings cannot he worn during practices or games. There are to be no exceptions.

9.0 Coaches

9.1 Coaches will be permitted to call time throughout the game in order to assist their players in the development of skills and in the understanding of the game.

9.2 Coaches should remember that players and spectators will emulate their conduct.

9.3 Kindly set an example by providing a model reflecting those values and concepts herein.

10.0 Postponements

10.1 In case of inclement weather, home team coaches are responsible for notifying an out of town coach by 4:30 of cancelations.

10.2 If the games are not canceled by 4:30 pm, teams must report to the field of play at their regular time, unless otherwise notified.

10.3 The league will only reschedule canceled Farm Baseball games if there is agreement between the two coaches.