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 Coaches Responsibilities

 Rev 5-21-18


 • You represent and act on behalf of the Barkhamsted Baseball & Softball League, (BYBL). Please do so in the utmost positive way at all times.

 • You should expect the same from your players and parents.

 • It’s expected that you will discipline players that do not behave in accordance with good sportsmanship and/or display other types of negative behavior by limiting their playing time during a game.

 • Umpires are NOT to be harassed, verbally or otherwise, by you or anyone associated with your team.

  • Jr. Umpires should be treated with the same respect as Certified Umpires
  • These are “kids” volunteering their time for the league. Yes, they do get paid, but…
  • Coaches need to have the umpires back. They will make mistakes! If they make an incorrect call on a rule (not a judgement call such as balls/strikes and out or safe calls), the Head Coach should ask for time out and discuss it calmly. Include the opposing Head Coach in the discussion.
  • Parents and Coaches are not allowed to harass the umpire. The League has a Zero Tolerance Policy. If one of your parents is “barking” at the umpire, you need to pull them aside and tell them they need to stop. If an opposing team’s parent is doing it, ask their coach to do the same.

 • Zero Tolerance Rule is in effect.



• All potential coaches must attend the coaches informational meeting(s).

• All potential coaches must attend the players evaluation sessions. (AA Softball, Majors Baseball & Minors Baseball coaches.)

• All assigned coaches must sign out their equipment and assume responsibility till seasons end. Once the season ends you’re required to return these items (with the exception of First aid items should they have been used during the season).

 • All assigned coaches are to immediately notify the Equipment director should item(s) need replacing.

 • All assigned coaches participating in BYBL will assist with tournament needs. (AA, & A Softball, Majors Baseball, Minors Baseball & Farm coaches).

 • All coaches will assist with fundraising for the league. 



 • Ensure that you have telephone number for each player on your roster. Emails are also a good way of communicating future events, providing your players are aware that you may communicate using this method.

 • Do not use email to notify players of game cancellations. These issues typically come up last minute and a phone call is more apt to reach the intended party in a timely manner.

• Attempt to schedule practices ahead of time and provide a schedule to your players early.

• Encourage your players and parents to frequent the web site: www.barkhamstedbaseball.com 

Along with game & practice schedules there are other notices and information posted from time to time. Also encourage you parents to enroll in e-mail and text notifications.

• Game delays and postponements will be posted on the website.

Other General Information

• Players should not wear watches, rings, pins or other metallic items during practice or games.

• Encourage parents of players who wear glasses to provide safety glasses.

• Select a “Team Parent” to assist in the coordinating of the various tasks throughout the season.

• Level set your expectations with the parents. You’re not a babysitter. It is important they understand that they should be on time to pick up their children from both practice & games.

 Uniforms & Equipment

• You will be provided with the appropriate equipment & uniforms.

• It is your responsibility to periodically check your team equipment to ensure its functionality.

• Immediately report any equipment issues to the Equipment Director.

• You will be responsible for the return of all equipment and applicable uniform shirts at the end of the season.

• GAME BALLS: Baseballs are located in the snack shack & Softballs will be given to the respective coaches and are also in the Snack Shack.

 • First Aid Kits/Icepacks:All equipment bags should be equipped with an amply stocked First aid kit and at minimum 2 ice packs. Additional supplies can be found in the Snack Shack.

 Playing Rules

• Rules for all leagues/divisions are posted on the web and are in the snack shack.

• Keep a copy of your applicable rules in your equipment bag for reference during games.

Practice Requests

• All practice requests should be made via e-mail to the Web Administrator.

• No more than 3 practices may be scheduled on league sponsored practice locations, within a week (week = Sunday-Saturday).

• Practices are granted on a first come, first serve basis with the understanding that we are committed to affording appropriate and equitable time for all teams.

• You will receive an email confirming your your practice request or advising otherwise.



• The schedules for all games are posted on the website. The posting will also provide the game time and location.


• Weather related *The field operations coordinator will be the final arbiter for game postponements as it pertains to weather/field conditions. This may occur up until 1 hour before game time.

 • In the event of a delay/postponement the head coach will be notified by phone

 • In the event of a weather issue occurring within 1 hour of a game start time or while the game is in progress, the decision to cancel will be reached by the coaches & umpire(s).


• You are strongly encouraged to play your games as scheduled. Future field time is very limited and a reschedule may not be available but every effort will be made (applies to games scheduled in Barkhamsted).

 • You must discuss your situation with your opposing coach to reach an agreement on the cancellation.

 • If both parties agree please contact the League Web Administrator as follows: 24+ hours prior to game date...Send information via email Less than 24 hours...Contact by phone

• Most games will be rescheduled to Friday’s unless there is an earlier weekday/Saturday spot that is available. Please be sure to advise parents/players of this.

• Your reschedule information will be sent to you via email.

• The rescheduled information will also be posted on the website.


• If your are playing outside of Barkhamsted and your opposing team has cancelled your game please contact the League Web Administrator so that an update can be made on the website.

 • When/If you obtain reschedule information from the opposing team please communicate this information to the League Web Administrator and the applicable updates will be made on the website.

Game Day Responsibilities *For games played in Barkhamsted

NOTE: If the “visiting team” is a non-Barkhamsted team then all duties are the responsibility of the “home team”. The specific responsibilities are designated by field play & home or visiting team.

 Field Prep

 Little League Field


 • Unlock gates to the field and both portable restrooms

 • Rake the infield if needed

 • Line the field



 • Ensure both dugouts are free & clean of debris

 • Rake the infield

 • Remove the garbage from all cans & place in the main receptacle box

 • Reline all garbage cans


Rivers Edge Field


 • Rake the infield

 • Line the field

 • Install the bases (if not installed)



 • Ensure both dugouts are free & clean of debris

 • Remove & store the bases (if Babe Ruth Field will be used prior to next the softball game or practice)

 • Rake the infield

 • Remove the garbage from all cans & place in the main receptacle box

 • Reline all garbage cans



The concession stand (Snack Shack) is a vital piece of our continued league prosperity. We ask that you convey to your team parents the need for us all to chip in and volunteer at the Snack Shack during game days. 

Team assignments: 

Little League Field


• Sunday-Friday => 1 volunteer 

• Saturday => 2 Volunteers



 • Sunday-Friday => 1 volunteer 

 • Saturday => 1 volunteers


Rivers Edge Field 

It is not expected that parents watching their children play on the Rivers Edge field volunteer for the Snack Shack during the actual game. However, we are asking that 1-2 volunteers provide help to the existing volunteers at the conclusion of their child’s game. The Snack Shack typically gets a rush of business at this time.

 • HOME TEAM => 1 volunteer 

 • VISITING TEAM => 1 volunteer



 • GENERAL: Playoff & Tournament Games are not exempt from these guidelines.

 • SPECIFIC: During the Barkhamsted Sponsored 12U Baseball Tournament, the Barkhamsted Team must provide Snack Shack volunteers for each games of the tournament, regardless of whether or not the Barkhamsted Team is playing.


Snack Shack Volunteer Requirements 

• There must be at least one adult (18+) in the Snack Shack at all times. Younger volunteers (ages 15-17) may assist in the Snack Shack but will not be allowed to operate the grill.


Game Reporting (Majors Baseball, MinorsBaseball & AA Softball only) 

 • Majors Baseball & Minors Baseball coaches are required to sign off on the following information contained within the opposing teams scorebooks:

 • Pitcher Name(s)

 • Pitch Count(s)

 • Submit game results to include scores, pitchers names & pitch counts, via e-mail to .

 • Game results and pitching information should be reported within 24 hours after the game has been played.

 • AA Softball coaches are required to submit games results (scores only), via e-mail. 



Each Barkhamsted Majors Baseball & Minors Baseball coach must submit their game results after every game to consider the game to be official.



 • The Chief of Umpires will schedule a Plate Umpire for Majors Baseball, Minors Baseball & AA Softball.

 • Issues with umpires conduct, behavior, attendance, etc. should be addressed with the Chief of Umpires.