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Barkhamsted Youth Baseball/Softball Playing Rules 1.0 Tee Ball

1.1 Basic Rules

1.1.1 No scores are kept.

1.1.2 There are no outs.

1.1.3 Everyone bats in every inning; players must observe basic bat safety at all times.

1.1.4 Bases will be 50-60 feet apart and cones can be used to make a curved outfield line approximately 40 feet beyond the bases.

1.1.5 Runners advance one base per hit with no advancement for errors.

1.1.6 After the last batter of an inning hits (home run), all runners advance to home plate.

1.1.7 If a hit rolls past the outfield line, the hit will be considered a double.

1.1.8 If a ball is hit over the outfield line the batter will be given a home run.

1.1.9 Players are not allowed to be catcher or to pitch.

1.1.10 Games are 1 hour long. If the kids are having fun and still engaged, the game may be extended if time and field availability allows and both coaches agree.

1.1.11 Coaches/parents may be used at bat, in the field and at all bases as necessary. There is no limit to the number of adults on the field.

1.1.12 No balls or strikes are counted.

1.1.13 For players not using the tee, there is a 5-pitch limit, after which a tee must be used.

1.1.14 All bats and balls must be marked T-Ball.

1.1.15 Foul balls will include balls hit in fair territory, within a three-foot curve of the tee/home plate.

1.1.16 All players may take the field and positions must be rotated. Safety considerations may preclude a player from positions closer to the batter.

Barkhamsted Youth Baseball/Softball Playing Rules 1.2 Tee Ball Guidelines and Recommendations

1.2.1 The focus of Tee Ball is to have fun and develop fundamental skills such as hitting, throwing, fielding, and running. Positive experiences in both areas are helpful in encouraging continued participation in youth baseball.

1.2.2 Include all players to the greatest degree possible. Allow all players to share more “active” positions as long as safety can be assured.

1.2.3 Establish safety awareness for all practice and game activities.

1.2.4 Hit off the tee to the degree needed by your players. For the first few games of the season, all players shall hit off the tee to allow players to gain confidence, avoid discouragement, and prevent numerous swings and misses (and long innings).

1.2.5 Meet the kids at their individual and team levels – instruct skills and run practices/games based upon the skill level they are able to demonstrate.

1.2.6 Coaches are responsible for organizing practices, instructing skills, and notifying parents of league activities, collecting fundraising monies for their team, and maintaining assigned equipment. Coaches are encouraged to ask for assistance from parents of team members for any of the areas above.

Rev. Approval Date: April 16, 2017